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Inspired by Peace Corps language trainings, which focus on situational learning, Balk Talk audio phrasebooks were created to help travelers quickly reach a conversational level of speaking by providing them with all the phrases they will use in conversation most frequently. We at Balk Talk are not here to waste your time by teaching you 1000 verbs you will never use, or how to say every animal on the farm. Instead, we actually prepare you for practical daily conversations for recurring scenarios.  We are so happy that you found us, and we hope your phrasebook makes your travel experience even more magical than it was already promised to be.  
Balk Talk Phrasebooks are the first of their kind dedicated to  conversational speaking for South Eastern European languages!
From the Balkans with Love!


With our phrasebook, you can:
Speak with locals FAST!
Free Chapter 1 Download:
Socialize when you meet new people and impress locals with your conversation skills. :) 
Prevent common scams -- Tourist scams are common in Croatia. We teach phrases to prevent scams with taxi drivers, overpriced bills, etc. 
Communicate well in crucial travel moments, like getting directions, making payments, buying tickets, etc.
What Our Users are Saying:

"I intend on living in Croatia for a few months, so I like the fact that the phrasebook has different sentences for various occasions, like at the shopping centre, bus station, train covers a vast array. I like that there are audio lessons, plus the written sentences so that you can follow along and learn how to pronounce certain words."

- Calicia
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